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The Restless Apostle
The Restless Apostle is a collection of St Luigi Orione’s meditations, reflections and celebrations of his love of God. These writings lead us closer to his unique spirituality and is an inspiration to all who read this book.
Price £4.00

Some call it Providence
Stephen Clissold’s account of St Luigi Orione’s life and message illustrates how he fervently followed St Benedict's motto ‘Prayer and Work’ and made it a reality in his own life. The love he had for everyone still remains the inspiration for all who labour in his Congregation: the Sons of Divine Providence.
Price £4.50

The Bridge
Our magazine “The Bridge” was launched by Fr Paul Bidone in 1959. The significance of the name Bridge, was to unite people everywhere in the love of St Luigi Orione and his work. It is published every quarter.
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God’s Bandit
Douglas Hyde writes about St Luigi Orione’s life and his work. He pieced together this information through interviews with St Luigi’s associates and from visits to many of his establishments. Luigi Orione’s exceptional strength was that he relied completely on God.
Price £1.00
Thoughts of Don Orione
‘Thoughts of Don Orione’ is a collection of notes taken from Don Orione’s writings and arranged as reflections for every day of the year. A source of great inspiration to all who use this book.
Price 50p
Half a Pound of Providence
Victoria Shennan blends the quality of a remarkable writer with sincere admiration for the charism of St Luigi Orione to record the first steps of the Congregation in Britain. The book covers the period from 1952 when the first home for the elderly was set up in South London until 1986 when the founder of the British branch Fr Paul Bidone died.
Price £6.00.
The Blessed Don Louis Orione
This short illustrated biography in colour is a delight for the younger reader. It was published soon after Luigi Orione was beatified in 1980 and before he was canonised in 2004.
Price 50p

St Luigi Orione His Life & his work
A mini biography and a good introduction to the saint and his work.
Price £1.00

A Priceless Treasure
Volume I & Volume II: a translation by Ciaran Moss
These two volumes contain the letters and writings of St Luigi Orione. This new translation of the 1969 edition of letters of Don Orione will give the readers a taste of the charism of Don Orione.
Price £5.00 per volume
A Life of Don Orione by Giorgio Papàsogli
This biography is the largest and most fully documented on the life of St Luigi Orione. It informs the reader of Don Orione’s concern for social affairs, the missions, charitable works and also his concern for his congregation to plant themselves in the rich soil of prayer, strictest poverty and humble obedience.
Price £19.99
Blessed Don Luigi Orione
Published in 1980, this booklet is generously illustrated with photographs. It covers his life, extracts from his homilies and writings and gives the reader a glimpse of Luigi Orione.
Price 60p
Our Lady of Hampton Wick.
This information booklet tells the story of the statue of Our Lady of Hampton Wick. Mr Sydney Farmer a collector of antiques presented the statue to the Sons of Divine Providence in 1960. It is now enshrined outside the chapel in Hampton Wick and is a rare example of medieval Gothic art.
Price 25p
Something about Don Orione
The Video/DVD was produced some years ago. It includes a short biography and also covers some of the works of the Sons of Divine Providence.
Price £10.00
Orionine Lay Movement
This booklet is used by members of the Orionine Lay Movement and is available to all those who wish to join the movement. Members of the OLM are all those laymen/women belonging to associations or individuals, who are deeply rooted in the Gospel and wish to live Don Orione’s charism in the world.
Formation Plan Programme
This book was published for the use of those who wish to join our congregation. Its use starts from the time a person approaches our family with the intention of entering the priesthood, and continues up to the moment when he is consecrated.

In the Footsteps of Don Orione
Another book used as a guide for those entering the congregation of the Sons of Divine Providence. The text is prepared for the formation of priest, brothers, hermits and The Little Sisters of Charity in the charism of St Luigi Orione our founder.

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